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Apple and Kiwi Comics

Updated Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Is it the story of sentient fruit or something even stranger? Look within and feel the existential terror that is Apple and Kiwi Comics?

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Andrew's Games

Updated Just about Every month

Challenging avant-games, usually meditations on a theme. Point and click and live in the moment, sir.

If you would like to contact him to talk about his work, the website, or the money you totally want to give him he can be reached at:
or at E-mail: Andrew (at)

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Updated Every Other Saturday!

Collectivist fiction with adventure pirates, fine dining, wining and hanging out! Bad sub-collegiate philosophizing, hamfisted mysticism and over the top violence, sexuality, and drug use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did you know Kiwi looks like... a girl sometimes/most of the time?
A: No, but we don't hate the idea.

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